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Thursday, April 02, 2020 -


Specialty Door Louver Doors

Louver doors are available in Infinity with raised moldings and Ovation with a flush louver panel, perfect for bypass, pocket doors and to coordinate with craftsman designs. With their 2" reveal and cassette construction, which can be used in place of any square panel, louver doors can add a "tropical" design element to your project. Optional "true" or "false" louvers allow for air movement or privacy as required per plan.

Plantation style louvers - 2" visible slat
Slat or false louvers available with the same pricing
Intricately machined 2-1/4"x 3/8" MDF blades are inserted into slots and held by moisture resistant glue and brads
Attractive raised molding frame louvers on Infinity doors
Great for bifold, bypass and pocket doors; Ovation louver doors also complement modern and shaker designs
Extreme design flexibility - we are able to match almost any louver design with 2" increments in height - replace any square panel design with a louver kit - see a few examples of the louver custom designs below - call for quote