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Thursday, April 02, 2020 -


Specialty Door Marking Board Doors

The Millennium Collection offers magnetic chalkboard and dry erase options in their Ovation and Encore lines. Just as with Millennium's split door mirror program, now a chalkboard/dry erase can be on one side matched with any of over 140 standard designs or customized to match your project on the other side. These innovative doors are great for kids' rooms, pantries, closets, workshops or family message centers.

Ovation construction allows even more design options by allowing arch or eyebrow panel design on the chalkboard/dry erase side. When coupled with sticking options, such as round, square or no sticking, you have design flexibility in a stile, rail and panel type application.

Chalkboard with Round Sticking Option

Dry Erase with Round Sticking Option

For a traditional router carved application, chalkboard/dry erase are available in the Encore line. Available in foam or solid core, Encore offers a lighter weight alternative with even more raised panel standard designs available for split construction.


Dry Erase Board


Marking board both sides or split design available - Chalk or Dry Erase one side, specify design the other side
Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry Erase marking boards are great for kids' rooms, pantry doors and offices
Extreme design flexibility - with split designs available, we are able to match decor
Router carved for a smooth look with Encore construction